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A behind the scenes look--sometimes way behind the scenes...

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Obligatory pretty-boy shot.

(John Wayne would never have approved…)



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November, 2001, CBS Sports.  With Craig Bolerjack at the Georgia Dome, Atlanta Falcons vs. New England Patriots, rehearsing the open.



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Georgia Dome, reviewing video of the quarterbacks.



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Georgia Dome, about to inhale my microphone.  (I hope Craig knows the Heimlich Maneuver.) 



At FedEx Field with the Washington Redskins, shaking hands with the boys prior to pre-game show.




Part of the Fox crew in Frankfurt.  Paul Kennedy (to my right) is our play-by-play man with the photographic memory.



Am I hungry enough???



I think so…

My board



After long game in Amsterdam - glamorous job,huh?



Getting up to the booth in Amsterdam.


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